We are on a Mission.
At the Umani Group, we are on a mission. We want to do a better job for people in work. An ambition that takes shape in many ways, that is why we launch brands and companies who focus on a particular product, service or market. But what binds them all, are our values and way of working. Here’s how we see it at the Umani Group:
Our Vision.

A noticable and workable change.
We acknowledge the fact a new world of work is heading our way. And both the future situation as the transition towards it, bring great challenges and opportunities. It is of great importance that we take steps forward, and even a head start, in shaping this new world. We have to analyse all dimensions of work in order to start innovating, help evolve or make transform.

The people in and at work.
We place people first in work. We acknowledge that work, life, well being and prosperity are vastly entwined. It is however all connected to and based upon the people in the centre of it all. And that’s where we have to start over and over again while crafting and creating new and better solutions in and at work. With the people.

Do a better job.
The Umani Group realises that people, the markets and society require better, more innovative but mostly (rapidly) applicable solutions. To create change, we take responsability and the lead in inventing, shaping and sharing new ways of working. In our own companies and for our clients.

Our Values.

At the Umani Group, we value and care for W-O-R-K!

Working with and for people in business is a craft. It requires expertise and a meticulous attention to detail. We do the work, to be able to deliver the best work we can.

We take matters in our own hands, in order to create a better situation. We challenge ourselves and others constantly.

We do things differently, and that gets noticed. In order to do that, we are alert and keep our eyes open for opportunities.

We authentically care for people and act accordingly, in every single way. We do good when we do better.

Our Founders.

Risen out of an ambition, fueled with expertise, The Umani Group launched in 2019.  Joël Stockmans, Sarah Porco and Raf De Strooper gathered their expertise and energy to create a new way of working. Meet the founders:

Joël Stockmans

Co-Owner and CEO Umani Group
CEO Flexer
Father of Geike and Roos

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Sarah Porco

Co-Owner  and CHRO Umani Group
CEO Blink and Poetspaleis
Mother of Maxim and Helena

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Raf De Strooper

Co-Owner and CFO Umani Group
Father of Jolie and Lowie

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