Having grown up in a warm working-class family, I discovered entrepreneurship at a somewhat later age. That is to say, immediately after my degree in economics, I started working at the NCMV, now Unizo. It was the ideal biotope for a young fellow to really get to know and appreciate entrepreneurs. That unique experience initiated my step towards real entrepreneurship in 2015.

With the slogan “Teamwork makes the dream work”, I am a fervent believer in human potential, the power of a close-knit team and inspiring leadership. This has been the guiding principle in my life since childhood: with my hobbies as well as in my circle of friends, camaraderie and respect for each individual are paramount. Forming strong teams, despite the diversity of characters and talents, is what makes my job so fascinating.  In doing so, I realise my own dreams and those of others at the same time. Who could wish for anything better? Are you also curious about this wonderful world? Be sure to drop by for a cup of coffee.


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